Welcome to the new school year!
I’m looking forward to a great school year!
Here is some helpful information for our class:

We have snack from 9:45-10:00am.
Please pack your child’s dry snack in a backpack pocket.  One healthy item that is easy to eat would be great.  Crackers, cheese, grapes, etc. are all good ideas.
Recess is after snack from 10:20-10:40am (nut free please).

Lunch is different this year; the First Graders eat in the Parish Hall.
Lunch is 11:40-12:10pm and Recess is 12:10-12:30pm.

Morning Line up
Students line up in the Parish Hall by the 1B sign.
Please have your child leave their lunch in one of the purple 1B lunch bins.

School is out at 2:45 (1:45 on Wednesdays).  We walk outside as a class for dismissal and the students can be picked up outside by the brick wall. First Graders are no longer signed out or picked up from the classroom.

Check Backpacks and Folders
Everyday students will bring home a folder.  Inside will be their behavior calendar, class work, notes, (starting in October homework) and other fun things! Please make sure to check their bag and folder daily, thank you!  The folder and behavior calendar (and homework) should come back to school each day.