9-20 News

September 20, 2019
Dear 1B Families,
The fun run was a great success!  We met our school goal and the first graders had so much fun!  This week we continued to focus on retelling the story and checking for understanding.  We also worked on using beginning sounds to sound out words.  Our letters and sounds we focused on this week were: c, d, and g.  In math, we are reviewing our numbers and working on greater than/ less than.  We are continuing to study how human beings grow in science.  The first graders are excited to be developmental scientists and have learned about the stages of infant, toddler, child, adolescent, and adult

Important Information:
Morning line up is still in the gym.

This coming week- 9/25 we have our first Wednesday morning mass in the parish hall.  Please make sure your child has their vest for mass.  We will be going every other week.

Homework starts on Monday, September 30.  Your child will take home a packet that is due at the end of the month.

Behavior Calendars-
Your child should be taking home a behavior calendar each night.
This calendar needs to be returned each day.  If the calendar has a star (any color) or is blank this means your child did not flip a card.  If there is a note written in the space, your child flipped a card.  It is important for each child to understand their behavior is not appropriate, we know they can do better, and tomorrow is a new day!  If you have any questions about the behavior charts please feel free to email me!

God Bless,
Mrs. Heidi Harris